Old 502 Winery Launches New Chardonnay Blend in Collaboration with Local Artist

Old 502 Winery Launches New Chardonnay Blend in Collaboration with Local Artist

LOUISVILLE, KY – Old 502 Winery, a beloved establishment in the Louisville community, has announced the release of their latest Chardonnay blend. This will mark the first time the winery has released a new blend since February this year. The Chardonnay is a product of the winery’s interactions with guests in person and online, which includes the art community of Louisville.  

For over 10 years, Old 502 Winery has been a cherished institution in the Louisville community, offering unparalleled experiences to wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Founded on a commitment to quality, creativity, and community, Old 502 Winery has continuously elevated the wine culture in the region.  

Master Winemaker at Old 502 Winery, Dustin Baumann, wanted to create a Chardonnay that was different from anything else on the market, “I’ve been with the company almost 7 years and we’ve released a lot of wine. I am thrilled to be a part of this new release that has truly connected us with the community. This new Chardonnay is light-bodied with a crisp finish without the overpowering oak flavor of many Chardonnays, and I think it’s one of our best wines yet. I hope that we can continue building relationships within the community, and ultimately make great wine that people love.” Baumann started by sourcing grapes from Lodi, California, a region known for its mineral-rich soil. The grapes were then fermented in stainless steel tanks at a slower, cooler temperature than is typically used for Chardonnay. This process helped to preserve the natural flavors of the grapes and create a crisp, refreshing wine with medium acidity. The wine was then aged for 7 months before being bottled. This young Chardonnay is meant to be savored in its youth. 

One of the standout features of this release is the artistry that graces the label of the new Chardonnay bottles. Old 502 Winery initiated a local artist contest, inviting the creative minds of the Louisville community to contribute their visions. The response was overwhelming, with 200 entries pouring in, each showcasing the immense talent of the Louisville art scene. After an inspiring display of creativity, 4500 votes were cast to select the winning design.  

Elizabeth Miller, a Louisville native with a background in PR and marketing, won the Old 502 Winery Label Contest with her abstract painting, “when I saw the contest online, I knew I had to enter. I had just painted this abstract piece for a family friend. It was light and airy, almost whimsical. My hope was that if it made it on the bottle, it would catch the consumers’ eye because of the funky design,” Miller’s painting is a vibrant, eye-catching work of art. The colors are bold, and the brushstrokes are confident. The overall effect is one of freshness and youth, which perfectly captures the spirit of the new Chardonnay. Miller is a self-taught artist and is thrilled to have her art featured on the new Chardonnay bottles and she hopes that it will inspire others to enjoy the wine.  

The new Chardonnay will be available at select retailers beginning in early October. However, there will be a special tasting release party on September 29th from 7 PM to 10 PM at Old 502 Winery, complete with live music, food, and other entertainment. The party is an opportunity for Louisville residents to sample the new blend and mingle with other wine aficionados. This new Chardonnay blend by Old 502 Winery is a testament to the community’s involvement in the winery’s business. The winery has always strived to create a unique and memorable experience for its guests, and its latest offering certainly embodies that. The vision of the winery, combined with the input from their loyal patrons, produces something special and distinctive with each release. 

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