Forget what you know about wine and wineries. Because the Old 502 Winery is breaking all the rules. We’re an anti-winery, if you will.

For starters, our wine is made right here. As in Louisville. As in downtown Louisville. Using grapes grown by local, Kentucky farmers, we craft some of the most eclectic — dare we say funky — wines you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. We challenge wine-making convention. Sometimes we ignore it altogether.

So join us for a completely different wine experience — with wines that embody the uniqueness and can-do spirit of our city.

December 2012

The Beginning

After 10 years, River Bend Winery on South 10th Street was in need of an overhaul. Old 502 Winery was brought to life, creating the very first Old 502 wine: Bourbon Barrel Red

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January 2018

New Opportunities

As Falls City moved to the Nulu/Phoenix Hill neighborhood, Over the 9 began a transition and rebrand as Old 502’s tasting room.

March 2018

Our Own Space

Old 502 Winery's Tasting Room moved into the Over the 9 building and became the Tasting Room we all know and love today.

October 2019

Now Selling Online!

Old 502 introduced a new eCommerce website in October 2019, allowing our fans to now purchase online. 

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